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Penny Dale

I currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, sandwiched between the ocean and the mountains. I'm a Registered Interior Designer and I have a real passion for adventure and travel.

In 2016 that passion led me to traverse the Americas with my partner at the time, crossing 15 countries from our home in Vancouver to the most Southern tip of Argentina: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. 

"I believe just sitting in that seat can make an impact and inspire other women, especially in places where women don't have as much of a voice.

In those 45,000km we wound up on many demanding roads we never intended to be on, but, they were the best ones! The trip was incredible. There were plenty of challenging days but they were always outweighed by extraordinary ones. We met a lot of overlanders along the way, but certainly more men were on the road than women.


One of the most difficult challenges I faced personally was missing connection with other women. I also noticed that typically the men were the ones driving. Our scenario included. I was the route planner and navigator and spent probably 90% of the time in the passenger seat. Looking back, our presence is important. I believe just sitting in that seat can make an impact and inspire other women, especially in places where women don't have as much of a voice.

This is a big part of what drives me to do the Rebelle and something I don’t talk about very much. 

Driving through some incredible, varied and often unexpected terrain taught me to embrace and be excited for the unknown and now drives me to say yes to new challenges, opportunities and adventures. It has inspired me to hone my driving, navigation and mechanical skills so that I can go farther and be more self sufficient.


Beyond that, it made me realize that I want to encourage and inspire other women to get out there, out of their own comfort zone.

Let's feel more confident behind the wheel, 

empowered to go explore on our own, and, 

emboldened to get in that drivers seat!


The Rebelle is an amazing opportunity to keep doing what I love – exploring roads and trails a lot of people never get to see and to connect with other women who love pushing their own boundaries. This rally takes us through some stunning parts of the US, it challenges us (and has BEEN challenging us) to learn new driving, vehicle recovery and navigation skills and it makes us more prepared than ever to reach some spectacular places. 

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